Come in.  Step inside.  Take a breathe. Take a moment. Let us set an intention for the time we share together.  Whether on a Stage; in front of your classroom; in a retreat center; with your E-Board; or via Zoom.  Let us set Sacred Space for those that came before us. Let’s check in with our bodies. Let’s laugh. Let’s honor our internal rage child.  Let’s cry.  

My JOY is to create space with you that returns HEALING back into Mental Wellness and Health.  While maintaining a politicized frame. That may and will look different for each person and group, but what will not happen is “just another workshop,” or “just another session.”  I love to work with the WHOLE person, and I do that through allowing a person to work with and SEE, me. Dr. Jennifer Lynn Mullan, Clinical Psychologist, Trauma-Honoring, Writer of Bones, Decolonizing Rage Wrangler, Group Work Weaver, Chronic “In-The-Box” Resistor, Intergenerational Trauma Transmission Alchemist, “Trouble-Maker” for the Good of the People that I serve. It would be an honor and pleasure to unpack whatever you and your collective need.

Wellness Services

Decolonized Therapeutic Coaching

 At the root of so much of depression and anxiety IS colonization...let’s talk about how, and what we begin to unpack this, together.

Ask yourself...

"How does your body communicate your rage; your sadness; your loneliness?"

Decolonized Coaching For Wellness/Helping Professionals

Ask yourself...

"How do we stop colluding with the mental health industrial complex?"

Speaking Engagements, Workshops & Keynotes

Ask yourself...

"How does late-stage capitalism affect your ability to teach/do therapy/organize/survive?"


Whether we are unpacking Ancestral Rage Collectively, or acknowledging that “Denial Ain’t a River in Wakanda,” the retreats that I facilitate are filled with Vulnerability. Passion.  Art. Emotional Freedom Techniques. Movement that is safe and possible for EVERY body. Passionate. Therapeutic. Spiritual. Educational. Political.  


At the Jersey Shore.  By Mother Ocean. Filled with lots of laughter, tears and joy.


Please continue to check Instagram @DecolonizingTherapy and this site for annual retreat offerings. 

Ask yourself...

"Where does rage show up in your relationships?"


Available for keynotes, workshops, and expository writing on the following topics:

  • Politicizing Mental Health 

  • Queer Identities & LGBTQIA+ & Active Allyship

  •  Mental Health Matter & Black Lives Matter

  • Ancestral Soul Wounds & Intergenerational Trauma

  • Decolonizing 

  • What is Race? What is Gender?  

  • Honoring Rage

  • “Tapping Into” Rage: EFT Techniques to Feel Better

  • Mindfulness & All That Good Stuff ...for Activists & Community Organizers 

  • Collective Community Care in the Age of Self-Care


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What people are saying

Your last two posts touched me deeply as a fellow black, queer person, a deep feeler, and daughter of immigrants. For many years I thought I was broken to be feeling so much all the time, and then I learned that so much of that pain is not even mine! I was carrying, and still am, so much generational pain. I still have so much to learn and unpack. I am revisiting some trauma work myself in therapy and I am so grateful for the way many of your posts challenge me to thing about things differently. Thank you so much for the validation, for sharing, for reminding me that vulnerability and feelings are great gifts