Dr. Mullan is a workshop facilitator, speaker and coach.

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She grabs and holds your attention throughout, keeps it interesting, and I couldn't believe how fast the time flew by. I look forward to future classes.

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I have learned a lot from Dr. Mullan, and her guidelines for Rage are informing how I advocate with and for people of color in my professional and personal lives.

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I went to her training and it was awesome! One of the things I liked most about it was its accessibility to all different levels (total newbies and experienced diversity experts).

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Dr. Mullan is a fabulous trainer and communicator who is able to share insight and create connection around tough current social issues. I learned a lot from her training.

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Your last two posts touched me deeply as a fellow black, queer person, a deep feeler, and daughter of immigrants. For many years I thought I was broken to be feeling so much all the time, and then I learned that so much of that pain is not even mine! I was carrying, and still am, so much generational pain. I still have so much to learn and unpack. I am revisiting some trauma work myself in therapy and I am so grateful for the way many of your posts challenge me to thing about things differently. Thank you so much for the validation, for sharing, for reminding me that vulnerability and feelings are great gifts