What to Expect from Coaching with Dr. Jennifer?

Sessions are 1hr - 90 minutes.  Dr. Jennifer Mullan bridge’s wellness practices, mental health,energy healing work, afro-spirituality, and social justice frames and analyses with YOU.  We co-create. We unpack. We dig to appropriate places. We ask hard questions, and honor the hard answers ...together. 


You can expect Love-On-Yo-Self-Work (sooo not homework).

You can expect for me to use swear words.

You can expect laughter.

You can expect recommendations of resting & recovery.

You can expect safe, inclusive, gender neutral language.

You can expect a trauma-sensitive-honoring containment frame.

You can expect exercises such as meditations and visualizations.

You can expect astrology to be discussed in seriousness.

You can expect podcast and IG “education and support” recommendations.

You can expect ANTI: racist/ sexist/ fatphobic/ableist resources and references and processing.

You can expect a politicized perspective.

You can expect a healing stance.

You can expect rage to be allowed, respected and seen..

You can expect playlist recommendations for anxiety & loss.

You can expect grounded, legit, healthy feedback.

You can expect a frame that honors all of you.

You can expect questions and processing that allows you to go beyond thinking into RELATING TO YOURSELF and FEELING.

You can expect vulnerability. 

You can expect delving into shadow aspects of ourselves, without shame & guilt.

You can expect honesty from me.

You can expect hip-hop and rap music references for me too.

You can expect conscious loving spiritual questions- if and when appropriate. 

You can expect the Dr. Jennifer you may have experienced on social media: present, riding the waves with you, reminding you that it “is not you,” that is “a problem.”  Dr. Jennifer is here working with you; reconfiguring your needs and expectations- in relation to the dehumanizing systemic dis-ease many of us contend with. 


Thank you for BEING here.  

Thank you for CONNECTING.

Thank you for RESISTING complacency and avoidance.

Thank you for SHOWING UP, for yourself, and your Collective.

My People, We need you.

My People, I need you. 



It is important to note that the Decolonized Therapeutic Coaching for individuals seeking support and Decolonized COnsultation Sessions for Helping Professionals are NOT traditional psychotherapy. They are not therapy sessions, but can be used as a form of expansion and wellness, often in addition to traditional psychotherapy..

Coaching sessions occur via phone, Google Hangout or ZOOM for clients to continue to review throughout their healing process.

Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.