Areas of Expertise

My work is to help you return home to yourself. To your ancestral lineage. To a sense of joy, peace and deep collective healing… together.


My work rests at the intersections of psychology, somatics, spirit work and activism through politicized, therapeutic containment. 


As an unapologetically loving, raging and spiritually grounding public speaker, trauma-informed supporter, activist and ancestral intergenerational trauma wound worker, my work illuminates how violent and traumatic mental-health oppression can be, especially for oppressed groups.  


As always, part of the decolonization process is to “undo,” therefore I am always open to new, creative modes of working together and undoing systemic harm.

Ancestral Wound Work

The Parent Wound

Collective Healing

Race-Based Tramatic Stress

Sexuality, Gender & Identity

Honoring & Healing Rage

Migration Trauma

Capitalism Fatigue

What people are saying

Your last two posts touched me deeply as a fellow black, queer person, a deep feeler, and daughter of immigrants. For many years I thought I was broken to be feeling so much all the time, and then I learned that so much of that pain is not even mine! I was carrying, and still am, so much generational pain. I still have so much to learn and unpack. I am revisiting some trauma work myself in therapy and I am so grateful for the way many of your posts challenge me to thing about things differently. Thank you so much for the validation, for sharing, for reminding me that vulnerability and feelings are great gifts