Areas of Expertise

My work is to help you return home to yourself. To your ancestral lineage. To a sense of joy, peace and deep collective healing… together.


My work rests at the intersections of psychology, somatics, spirit work and activism through politicized, therapeutic containment. 


As an unapologetically loving, raging and spiritually grounding public speaker, trauma-informed supporter, activist and ancestral intergenerational trauma wound worker, my work illuminates how violent and traumatic mental-health oppression can be, especially for oppressed groups.  


As always, part of the decolonization process is to “undo,” therefore I am always open to new, creative modes of working together and undoing systemic harm.

Mental-health oppression impedes all liberation movements. Decolonization is not a mere metaphor. Our “trying to be better mental-health advocates” is not enough to unpack, align and hold accountable these systems of privileged psychopathy. I can help you undo the collective socialization that invades and permeates your well being, whether you’re a client or a therapist. Our work is politicized and each keynote, workshop and retreat is rooted in moving towards liberated living, together.

Ancestral Wound Work

The Parent Wound

We inherit so much from our parents—sometimes, physical attributes and basic temperament, but also their beliefs, behavior patterns and habits. This work, often paired with rage and ancestral work, can be intense, as our parental/caregiver wounds often lead to deep self-criticism, imposter syndrome, rage outbursts, toxic relationships and a suitcase of other childhood stuff that is too painful to unpack alone. I can help guide you into meeting, honoring and walking the healing path of the parent wound.

Collective Healing

We heal in community. In order for us to live into wellness and create internal and mass, external movements of transformative justice, we must first come together as a group, where we will learn to revisit our family dynamics, discover our projected “ego” selves, and receive coping skills, modeling and constant reminders from those who have been where we may be. When we cannot muster loving ourselves, the community- groups-can allow us to be with and begin to respect ourselves. Join us.

Race-Based Tramatic Stress

Studies of trauma and PTSD have consistently shown elevated levels of traumatic stress symptoms in Black and Indigenous people, and people of color. How can we function within a system that continues to dismiss the harm it has imparted on our minds, bodies and spirits? I can help you honor these traumatic stress wounds resulting from the violence of existing as a person of color in a racialized society.

Sexuality, Gender & Identity

Sexuality, gender identity, and gender expression are fluid aspects of identity. My workshops and analyses explore how your sexual and gender identities and expressions intersect with not only your other identities, but with undoing colonization and oppression.

Honoring & Healing Rage

Having compassion for our rage and identifying why we are enraged is ancient, healing, necessary work. Connected to ancestral wound work, rage work can help you identify what I call your “Rage Child.” I feel honored and humbled to have worked personally with Ruth King, author of Healing Rage, whose work has inspired my own. My retreats and workshops get to the core of how rage receives a “bad rap,” and how essential feeling and honoring your Rage Child and Rage Inheritance is to your well-being, evolution and collective activism.

Migration Trauma

Many of the people I work with live with the aftereffects of settler colonialism—fear of deportation; separation from homeland, family or roots—coupled with a deep fear of violence. Forced migration is a product of colonization; this displacement occurs not only in mind, body and spirit, but echoes throughout generations. I can help you explore the traumatic effects of forced migration, and help you map out your story.

Capitalism Fatigue

Many of us currently work in environments saturated with long hours, inadequate compensation, a growing list of demands and little job security. My work can support you in the exhaustion you may feel, where we will work through the understanding that it’s not you—it’s the system. My consulting and workshops get to the heart of your deep-bone exhaustion and constant weariness. The trauma of poverty can keep us tied to overworking and grinding.  We grind to make a living wage working paycheck to paycheck to paycheck. Usually care and rest are afterthoughts. My work honors and acknowledges how late-stage capitalism drives us to this reality. We are tired, and deserve rest.