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Who am I?

Dr. Jennifer Mullan works with people to create spaces within themselves, and within organizations, to heal. Part of the journey towards healing involves dismantling systemic and internalized oppression, which she identifies as the decolonization of our mind, body, and spirits. She is passionate about working with people to create containers of wellness, equity, and elevated consciousness through workshops, retreats, classes, coaching and consulting.

Jennifer is an author, therapist, community organizer, and an academic.  With over 100 presentations and workshops within the private and public sectors, she has created and facilitated a variety of workshops and trainings on an array of social issues from: Self-Care for Helping Professionals, Transgressions & Microaggressions, LGBTQIA Identity & Consciousness, Healing Intergenerational Trauma in First-Generation Latina Womyn, to Collective Community Organizing.  She has presented at a myriad of settings from Universities, community organizations, non-profits, private practices, and elementary and high schools. In 2016 she was awarded with the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award from New Jersey City University, and in 2014 her (co-) presentation for the Global Community of Academic Advising, “Burnout, Self-Care and Mindfulness Practices,” received the “Best in Region” award. 

My work is to help you return home to yourself. To your ancestral lineage. To a sense of joy, peace and deep collective healing…together. 

My work rests at the intersections of psychology, somatics, spirit work  and activism through politicized, therapeutic containment.

Areas of Expertise

Wellness Services

Come in.  Step inside.  Take a breathe. Take a moment.

Let us set an intention for the time we share together.  Whether on a Stage; in front of your classroom; in a retreat center; with your E-Board; or via Zoom. 

Let us set Sacred Space for those that came before us.

Let’s check in with our bodies. Let’s laugh.

Let’s honor our internal rage child.  Let’s cry.  

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